Kabala Shabbat

Kabala Shabbat
  • April 28, 2017
    7:00 pm

Kabbalistic Soul Meditations w/ Master Marcus J. Freed


How can you connect with your soul through meditation & movement? What is the connection between Kabbalah, yoga, tai chi & your breath? Join us for a special Chai Center Friday night event where we will experience a true body-soul connection & learn some simple ways to elevate your soul for the ultimate Shabbat experience. The sessions will incorporate elements of meditation, movement, yoga, tai chi & Kabbalistic Wisdom. No experience or special clothes are required, just come along with an open mind.

You’ll also enjoy a delicious enjoy a four course shabbat dinner with homemade gefilte fish, Olivia’s whole wheat Challa and Tehina, chicken soup w/ Matza Balls (that’ll make your Grandma proud), main course, drinks, wine, and dessert.

Meet new people while Master Marcus J. Freed does some meaningful Meditations & Yoga between courses, followed by Stump the Rebbitzen. Bring a friend and make new ones. RSVP Required.

Donations welcome.

Marcus J Freed is an actor, spiritual teacher & award-winning author (www.marcusjfreed.com). His books include The Kabbalah Sutras: 49 Steps to Enlightenment and his latest is The Festive Sutras: A Yogi’s Guide to Shabbat & Festivals. Marcus’s series of one-man Biblical comic plays have been seen in 20 countries. This June he will be performing at the Hollywood Fringe Theatre Festival in his comic play ‘Solomon: King, Poet & Lover – A Tale of One Man & 700 Wives’. Originally from England, Marcus regularly recorded broadcasts for BBC 2 national radio, wrote quirky columns for the major Jewish newspapers & realised it was time to move to the City of Angels. You can sign up for Marcus’s daily series of ‘Sefirat HaOmer’ spiritual exercise videos at bit.ly/1T2qTvp