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Our most popular on-going event for Singles is a more than full course “Dinner for 60 Strangers” Friday evening at the home of Schwartzie & Olivia. The Shabbat Dinner is gratis but you do need to RSVP in advance.
We also run many Singles Parties which host more than 1000 bodies. The “Not a Christmas Party”, in the (323) area, “New Years Party” @ the LAX Airport, July 4th BBQ in Malibu and other smaller parties for 300 people, like Sukkot.



Olivia Schwartz teaches in Beverlywood, Burbank, Beverly Hills, S. Monica and Topanga. Please contact Olivia at 310 990 3672 or
Topics may include: Astrology, Christianity, Cults, Death, the Hereafter, Intermarriage, Conversion, Prayer, Reincarnation, Meditation, Kabbalah, Jewish Holidays, Self-Analysis, Sin, G-d, Messiah, Israel, Chosen People, Contemporary Human Relationships, etc.



Offering spiritual support and sustenance to Jews in the entertainment industry by providing meaningful and authentic Jewish teachings and experience.

With the influx of Jews attracted to the Arts, The Chai Center’s Entertainment Division has catered to this demographic allowing Jews in the biz to feel at home. Shabbat Dinners at the Cannes & Sundance Film Festivals, Classes and Quarterly gatherings, are just a few of the powerful tools to bring serene calm to the life of Hollywood.


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