Public Passover Seder

Public Passover Seder
    April 19, 2019 - April 20, 2019
    7:00 pm


Meet new friends, couples & singles of like souls and minds, in a good feeling holiday atmosphere of extended family festival seating.

The story of Exodus comes alive through mystical meanings and kabbalistic insights shared through humor and melody by Rabbi Mendel Schwartz. Then enjoy a full-course sumptious Seder feast catered by the Olympic Collection, with all the traditional delicacies, hand baked Shmura Matza from Israel, Chicken soup W/ matzah balls, and lots and lots of wine! Books provided.

The second night seder will be hosted in a Private Home in West LA.

We only accept Pre-paid reservations. Ticket(s) will be held for you at the door.
No refunds, all payments are final. Last Day reservations $99!
For any web or reservation issues, please call 323 639 3255.


Q. I would love to come, however, I’m eating completely raw vegan foods and cleansing my system for the next two weeks. I wouldn’t be able to eat.  Will you be having any uncooked organic foods? salads?

A. You can eat your special foods @ 5 B4 U leave home. Its not just abt food consumption. Its for Jews to observe the Passover that our ppl have been doing for 33 centuries. There are 15 steps in the Seder. Only one of them is the Banquet. The telling of the story of the exodus is actually one of the Commandments in the Bible. Plz come & join us on the Holiday. I hope you can eat the Matza which is another, once a year Mitzvah, (Biblical command). Whatever you do, be blessed from the G-d of the 10 Commandments (remember the way the 10 cmndmnts begins-“I am the L-rd yr G-d, who brought U out of the house of bondage, out of the land of Egypt.”) 2 have a very joyous, sweet, liberating Passover.


Fan Mail

Alissa grew up conservative-reform, and I grew up a very reform Jewish Cowboy from West Florida. Rabbi Schwartz and his family “turned us on” to a whole new world, without labels or categories; a world that’s all about connection to our heritage; about our current modern world and how to live as a Jew within it. When I first went to the Rabbi’s High Holy Day Service, I had never met a Chassidic Jew in my life. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but for me those 2 hours of learning and laughter were more meaningful than all the spiritual searching I had experienced in my prior 32.


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